Physiotherapists braced for new year sporting injuries

Thursday 30th March 2017

Augre Physio New Year

New Year is one of the peak times for sports injuries, according to local physiotherapists. Augré Physiotherapy at the Lido de France in St Saviour’s Road is expecting an increase an appointments over the next couple of months as Islanders return from skiing trips or overdo exercise regimes in the gym.

‘A lot of people get very gungho and you see that in the gym,’ said founder Louise Augré, who has over 19 years of experience as a physiotherapist and this year celebrates her tenth year in her own practice. ‘For people who are not used to using the equipment, I would definitely recommend a personal trainer. We also see an increase after the annual round the Island walk, and during the Wimbledon tennis championships.’

Educated at Beaulieu Convent and trained at the University of Northumbria at Newcastle, Louise first wanted to become a physiotherapist at the age of 14 after meeting someone who was already doing the job. ‘I was hooked, and in those days you could get work experience at the Hospital – I clocked up around 300 hours of experience before I left school. But I’d always wanted a job in the medical profession and was a member of St John Ambulance until I was 16.’

It was in 2011, when she was looking for maternity cover before the birth of her first child, that she teamed up with Laura Besnard, who at the time was looking for work through an agency. Educated at Hautlieu and with a degree from Coventry University and master’s in manual therapy, Laura had not expected to be offered a job at home in Jersey. ‘I was planning to work in New Zealand and needed some money – but I ended up staying on here.’

Both have experience in suffering from sporting injuries. Louise was previously a swimmer, but had to stop because of injury, while Laura plays hockey for the Island but has also had her share of injury over the years. 

Partly for that reason they specialise in shoulder and knee conditions, but provide treatment for all musculoskeletal problems, with Laura specialising in sports-related injuries and Louise taking care of more complex and psychological issues. 

In addition the practice provides classes in pilates for small groups and both pre and post pregnancy, with trainers Tanya Le Couillard and Ashley Cummins, and office manager Andrea Goodbody completes the team.

The physiotherapists also work with consultants Profs David Barrett and Lennard Funk and provide pre- and post-operative care, offerhomevisits,carryoutpostural checks and desk assessments for offices and treat work-related injuries for the emergency services staff at the ambulance, police and fire services. 

In terms of health at work, they agree that the new form of adjustable standing desks are better for people in offices than the static desks, but that being able to change position more often has to be better for everyone. ‘The worst thing anyone can do is to sit still for hours,’ added Laura.

Physiotherapists braced for new year sporting injuries


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