Helping to keep our firefighters fit for duty

Tuesday 6th June 2017


Our local firefighters have one of the most dangerous and physically demanding jobs around and it’s important for them and us that they stay in the best shape possible and can get straight back to work after injury.

Maintaining both mental and physical strength is vital and we work closely with the crews to help them stay fit for duty.

We’ve been down to the station to see for ourselves just how heavy their fire fighting equipment is, tools they need to force entry to buildings, raise ladders, ventilate roofs, handle charged hose lines and rescue people.

Fit firemen are much less likely to suffer injuries like strains and sprains, pulled muscles or dislocated joints which can all cause time away from work. 

We work with members of the crew in need of rehab after injury in their fully equipped gym and provide them with an exercise programme tailored to them and based on strengthening, stability and proprioception; precise coordination really is essential in their line of work. 

We tailor the exercises to all our clients individual fitness needs and for our firefighters that means helping them prepare their bodies for the stresses of fighting fires – the heat and smoke, having to wear and carry heavy gear and because of the unexpectedness of fires - the lack of sleep. 

We all rely on the emergency services to help keep us and our homes safe and our local firefighters know they can rely on our team at Augré Physiotherapy to keep them physically fit, mentally ready and able to do their jobs.

Helping to keep our firefighters fit for duty


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