"Initially I chose Augre Physiotherapy because of location and peer recommendation. I have been very pleased with the professional service and attention given by Louise who not only provides excellent physiotherapy treatment but clearly has the patient's best interests as her foremost priority. I have recommended Louise to close friends."

Wayne Gallichan

"Louise investigated a long-standing shoulder injury with great insight and expertly treated the condition allowing for increased mobility, improved use, and a significant reduction in pain. Post surgery I continued to receive the highest standard of physiotherapy and I’m now playing active sports again. Many thanks Louise."

Jonathon Giles

"I can’t thank Louise from Augre Physiotherapy enough for all the treatment, help and support I have had over the last couple of years. Since I was 13 I have had various operations on my knees, I think I am on my 18th, Mr Paul Clifford did what he could but then referred me to Professor David Barrett as the surgery for my knee’s was getting too complicated.

At the same time I decided to change physiotherapist as I was fed up of being part of a group session and being told, ‘You have more experience than us and do the normal exercises’ , what was I paying £40 a session for?

My GP referred me to Louise Augre, I was very surprised to be on a one to one with Louise, I was at last being treated as an individual and getting much better treatment, which meant I was actually benefiting from the treatment I had received.

Louise explained to me about the benefits of building up the muscles in my quads before I had surgery, which meant I had a shorter recovery time, Louise and Professor Barrett also consulted each other in what treatments would benefit me post op and pre op.

I actually felt someone cared, Louise is always understanding and considerate and will look at alternative treatments, ideas and how I can improve and control my pain with exercise.

Without Professor Barrett and Louise, I don’t honestly think I would be walking unaided. I have more surgery following in the next year or so, but I know with Louise as my Physiotherapist and Professor Barrett as my Consultant, I will have a quick recovery despite it being very invasive surgery.

Professor Barrett and Louise always ask me to aim for a goal once I have recovered from surgery. For me, getting back on a horse is all the incentive I need, not bad after years of knee surgery, especially as I was told many years ago this would be something I would no longer be able to do. A big thank you to two very special people, Louise Stent (nee Augre) and Professor David Barrett."

Debbie Coleman

For over two years I had constant stiffness across my lower back and hips. I could not bend down without being in agony and it affected my normal everyday life. I saw two different chiropractors and an osteopath numerous times, had massages and these treatments gave me short lived relief.

I decided as a last resort to have a Sports Massage and went to see Kieran at Augre Physiotherapy. Having discussed my symptoms with him he thought my problem was my outer thighs and suggested working on this area as well as my lower back.

I could not believe the difference after just two massages, no pain. I had another couple of massages and I can now bend and stretch with no stiffness or aches.

Kieran has given me back my quality of life which I thought I would never have again.
Thank you Kieran


I have been attending Kieran's Pilates course (beginners/intermediate) for some time now. It is a small class of up to five people. Previously I had attended a larger class and was finding I was waking up the next day with incredible back pain. Thinking either I had something terribly wrong with my back or I was doing the exercises wrong. I went to the doctor and ended up going to physiotherapy. At physiotherapy I was advised to strengthen certain muscle groups, especially my core muscles. I knew it would be better to attend a class which would force me to exercise.

Kieran has shown me how to execute the exercises the right way using the correct muscles. It is a small class so Kieran is able to spend time with each person making sure they are not causing more harm than good. He has given me more insight and I can feel straight away if I am doing an exercise wrong. Finally I am starting to find my core muscles after many years! I will carry on with my class with Kieran as I have definitely found an improvement in my back"

Kathy Kemp